3 Varadan of Ravan to Banta Singh

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Ravan decides to give 3 vardan’s to Banta Singh.

Ravan: “say vatsa whatever u want”

Banta: “i want 100 vardan’s “

Ravan: “but i can give u only 3 vardans”

Banta: “but i want 100 vardan’s”

Ravan: “no child that’s not possible ”

Banta: “no i want 100 and I mean 100”

Ravan: “no i can give u only 3 if u want then take them or else i m going.”

Banta: “ok but the 3 vardans i will ask for, u will give me definitely?”

Ravan: “sure it’s a promise from the raksha’s raja ravana”

Banta: “1st vardan, convert the GADA on your shoulder into a wooden bamboo stick”

Ravan: “tathastu” and his gada turns into a stick.

Banta: “second vardan, put that stick deep into ur as*hole”..deep inside..!!

Ravan: (confused but……..)”tathastu” and in great pain asks pappu to ask for the third vardan.. ASAP…

Banta: “now are you giving me the rest of the 98 vardans or should i convert that stick into a GADA again?

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