Month: June 2012

Hats off

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An old lady was standing at the railing of the cruise ship
holding her hat tight so that it would not blow away in the wind.
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Why football is played for 45 minutes in each half?

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Those who thought of this must have lots of time
Why people play football for 45 minutes, not 30 minutes or 1 hour? Even
the sports scientist and some of the senior players could not give the
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Senior’s questionare

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Q:Where can men over the age of 60 find younger women who are interested in them?
A:Try a bookstore under fiction.

Q:How can you increase the heart rate of your 60-plus year old husband?
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Logical and Legal

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A young Law student, having failed his Law exam, goes up to his crusty old professor, who is renowned for his razor-sharp legal mind.

Student: “Sir, do you really understand everything about this subject?” Read the rest of this entry »

Hundred Dollar Story

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A Nepali tourist walks into a curio shop in San Francisco. Looking around at the exotic, he notices a very lifelike, Life-sized bronze statue of a rat. It has no price tag, But is so striking he decides he must have it.
He takes it to the owner: “How much for the bronze rat?” “Twelve dollars for the rat, one hundred dollars for the Story,” says the owner. Read the rest of this entry »

Strongest Weightlifter

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After ordering a milkshake, a man had to leave his seat in the restaurant to make a telephone call.

Since he didn’t want anyone to take his drink, he took a paper napkin, wrote on it, “The World’s Strongest Weightlifter,” and left it under his glass. Read the rest of this entry »

3 Varadan of Ravan to Banta Singh

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Ravan decides to give 3 vardan’s to Banta Singh.

Ravan: “say vatsa whatever u want”

Banta: “i want 100 vardan’s ” Read the rest of this entry »